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Panache Yoga

Panache Yoga, an online🤳 resource for yoga essentials with style! Panache Yoga offers practical💪 health and fitness products to enhance all levels of fitness Yogis🧘‍♂️ & Yoginis🧘‍♀️. We were initially moved by unique yoga apparel and the ongoing movement of yoga wear as everyday streetwear. Each article is curated by a yogini herself. Live Life Yoga!

Introducing the Blair Jumpsuit

Yoga wear trends

The ongoing trend; yoga attire doesn’t have to mean you result to wearing your same old black leggings.  Amp-up your style, buying sets gives you options to mix-n-match in style.  So while your 👩🏽‍💻 working from 🏠 home sheltering in place and need to run 👟 a quick errand; go ahead your dressed for it.  Live Life Yoga!